Work From Home

I’m sure many of you may be working from home and although it may appear to reduce your travel time and hassle, it comes with its own setbacks. While a one-off ‘work from home’ may sound fun, an extended period may affect our schedules. Here are few tips – among the many that’s floating the web already.

1.      Start your day as normal: In some cases, it might be the half an hour to dress up and make it to office and for some it might be more than an hour to take care of family, cooking or driving/travelling. Whatever your routine, continue the same and replace the drive/travel time with maybe some exercise, reading or meditation. Freshen up and start at your desk feeling fresh.

2.      Design/Decor your workplace: I know its temporary, but each day is important. So, create the ambience you have at your desk back in office. Ensure the right posture for your seating arrangements, have enough water by your side, ensure the light and noise doesn’t disrupt work. For those similar to my case where the kitchen is nearby, ensure that your work-space aroma is not that of the food from the kitchen!

3.      Set alarms for break times: When we all work from home, we tend to take breaks at odd times – this however should not affect the person who must respond to multiple people aligning with their timings. Ensure that you step away from the screen during tea and lunch breaks, take time to prepare a coffee or lunch or have a brisk walk. Have stretch breaks every hour. Remember to hydrate

4.      Manage family time: It is very hard with children and pets around to set the expectation that you will be near and yet unavailable. While it is hard, children (and pets for that matter) are resilient and get more easily adapted to a new routine than they agree, or you can imagine. If they are old enough, set them up on their course work through the apps out there and give them enough intervals with least dependency on you. Key is to get them to understand that the routine is such that you are available only after the regular work hours. If your child is too young to manage, you can share the hours with your partner in managing the child.

5.      Eat healthy: It is very easy to hog on snacks as you try and manage your kid’s interruptions with treats. It is not only important for your health due to work from home but also to build your immunity to fight against any sort of flu. Eat only during the breaks/time you allow yourself. Avoid processed/sweet food. Cook a proper meal. Try and include some of the following in your food/snack daily – fresh fruit/fresh vegetables, pulses/legumes, almonds, sesame seeds, fennel seeds, fenugreek, coconut, rice flakes, ghee, pepper, ginger, jaggery.

6.      Communication: It is very important to continue that informal chitchat you have with your colleagues even while working remotely. There are many channels out there – from Microsoft teams to Gchat to watsapp groups. Check in with your friends, have video calls and voice calls – but keep the chatter and laughter going!

7.      End your day as normal: It is important to step up if there is an emergency or a last-minute task. It is also important that you log off as normal, go for a walk, freshen up before getting back to your family. Do not miss out on the sunshine on your skin (without getting anywhere near the crowd) 😊

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