Shero Tales. Cassie Delaney – Autodidact. Media Maker. Game Changer.

At 23, she was a college dropout working in a care home. At 28, she is featured in the ’30 under 30’ article in the Business Post! Every moment of the conversation with Cassie Delaney was inspiring to no ends.

She dropped out of college because she felt that she was not really learning what she was passionate about. Along with the care home work, she self-learned with the help of YouTube videos whenever she could. This meant that she would be at the care home from 7am. to 11pm and she would study during the break and get back to work from 4pm to 11pm! Most of her learning was on photography/videography editing and illustration. This was her routine since she was 18. (translates to 16 hours of work and study everyday!)

Between the travels and one’s own daily chores, there was hardly any time left during such a routine. But she knew what she was passionate about, and she found a way to accomplish her goals one at a time. Social issues and women empowerment were areas that interested her the most.

She was passionate about the potential of media to impact social change and has led various other projects on feminism, mental health, international aid and youth unemployment. She did a documentary on young girls in East Africa who did not go to school and stayed at home to take care of their younger siblings. She was also the One Young World Coordinating Ambassador for Ireland.

Cassie is a self-proclaimed nerd who is in love with all things digital, and that did help her in her journey into the media world. She got her break in with the help of her impressive portfolio. She got in as a multimedia producer and got promoted two levels within three years. She was a Deputy Editor by the third year in her job. that had over a million readers a month, was focused on celebrity, news and fashion. Cassie realised that those were not the real or comprehensive representation of ‘HER’ in Ireland! She brought in initiatives like Her say and Her talks for a more accurate representation of the women in Ireland. She also directed and produced the multi-award-winning ALONE campaign the power of a simple Thank You. In 2017 the campaign received the Grand Prix at the Media Awards.

In 2015, Cassie along with Anna Cosgrave decided to give the ‘repeal the 8th’ campaign its first ‘visual’ identity. They together designed the t-shirt with the ‘REPEAL’ word which was an instant success. Cassie had also helped build their ‘Repeal hub’. The job gave her ample opportunities to explore her passion with the camera where she created awesome videos and home-made GIFS.

Her chosen routine since she was hardly 18 was to creatively and continuously work for things close to her heart, and that has reflected in her career timeline. She did not rely on a college degree or pause on the lack of technical know-how at any point in time.

She joined Jobbio as the Director of Content and helped steer the company in a unique content direction which places workplace issues like the gender pay gap, diversity and paternity at the centre of their campaigns. She helmed the campaign ‘Shatter the Glass’ which conducted original research on the salaries of senior tech professionals in the UK and US and revealed the disparity in pay. Through the campaign, Jobbio encouraged customers to pledge to alleviate the gender pay gap.

She is also the co-host of Lovin’ Dublin’s Before Brunch podcast which has amassed over 100,000 listeners over the past few months.

It is not just a career growth that I see in these years. Nothing deterred her from her chosen path, and she invested every minute she got in the canvas she got to paint her dreams. Not having enough time, knowledge or opportunities were never an excuse for her to stop working her way towards her dreams. Well has she stopped now? Not quite we speak she is planning on opening a compact studio in Dublin dedicated to delivering brilliant podcasts. – And this, while she is packed with a full-time job as the Director!

“Don’t make excuses. Make things happen. Make changes. Then make history.” Doug Hall. Cassie surely is on her way through making things happen, making changes and making herstory!

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