Nuances of Creating Marketing Dialogues – What/Where/Who to Serve

Nuances of Creating Marketing Dialogues

Marketing Communication or rather Marcom is the wing where you tend to place ‘Grammarly & Canva’ in one suit behind a desk. And true to their expectations, they deliver a ‘chutney’ of communications across all the most trending platforms in pots and plates of different sizes. The problem is, as customers, we probably need salsa for nachos, hummus for pita and chutney with a bit of spice for the Indian fluffy rice cake. No matter how fancy the crockery is, we are not going to consume the content of it unless it matches our taste.

Almost all marketers I know of, focus on platform-specific analytics. We show a lot of enthusiasm in catching up with the trends in the social platforms and manipulating the data of web visits, likes and interest. Talking of the leaps of technology is a cliché – nevertheless, even after GDPR, every single site seeks to understand the visitor’s data to deliver more in front of those eyes. How correctly are we using this analysis and how effective is it turning out to be?

Big brands, esp B2C, have made astounding records in adapting to the new platforms, and we have the stories still circulating in our social pages. What happens in a mid-size B2B company? I have observed one trend common in most of them – creating the same content and then distributing this to customers across all platforms in the required shapes and sizes! 😊 In other words, your Content Head is telling all your potential buyers that this is the only thing he/she has created and no matter where you come, you will be served the same. This is not the problem with your content head alone – your Digital Marketer has become the ‘Delivery Guy’ – merely delivering stuff to the audience and their feedback to the planners (if at all). 

What are the nuances that you could look into – to make your communication a real dialogue?

Multi-Faceted Interactive Agent – In the age of specialisation, you may have each of your customer interactive agents in different locations and time zones. This will only ensure that the engine of content creation and distribution keeps running with no proper direction. An analysis of 12 clicks on one page and delivery of the same page in 12 other platforms may get you ‘impressions’ but will not create any lasting impression. To master the art of piecing together of what works best where, you need your agents interacting with your customer at various touch points – to interact with each other! The one who creates the content must be well informed of what is trending and the one who posts the content must be creative enough to keep up with the trend. If one can’t be all – they should have the interaction that will empower the content with their combined skills.

Platform Specific Research – Taking care of Americanised spellings and British usages for the American and European markets have changed. Now, for your content, Digital Platforms are the world, and as you catered to geographies before, now you need to cater to the platforms. Be it in the US or in Europe, a member of the Twitterati would not want to read more than the 280 characters. He/she has migrated from wherever to Twitter for this convenience – so just because your website has a thousand words – unless it is what they are actively looking for, they are not going to engage. So instead of following the well-researched, strategic method of posting a headline, two hashtags and your web page link, interact with them in their language if you want to connect.

Haste Makes Waste – Leaping into what is trending without a proper study of the platform will dilute your strengths. Instagram has now caught the attention of marketers as a fresh platform. It is an excellent platform as it has these fantastic features of micro, visual and experimental content. But, unless you have the strategy in place to launch your visual story with an impression, it is better to wait. With all the perks it brings, it also comes with the problem that your images are forever there telling your story every time someone clicks on your ID. So if you do have potential customers in Instagram, mobile cam daily pics will fail to impress them where companies like Oracle or Adobe have crafted such beautiful visual journeys.

The website is not the haven of engagement – Don’t take me wrong. Having a site, driving traffic etc. are all important – but that is not the only way you can think of engaging your potential targets. This article is less than 1000 words, and you probably stopped to read because you could relate – and YET, you did not read through every word. We are talking about NDN replacing www, and you still think that your website is the one haven for all those who loiter around?

It all goes back to the same story in the beginning – if someone is walking up to you with a bag of nachos – you probably want to handover an appropriate dip. That is the trend we should adapt to – to be conscious, alert and empathetic of what the consumer truly wants. ( fact, we are in the age of creating the need…but that we will get into later)

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