Content Marketing – It is a service of the kings by the kings.

Content has changed its form and shape over the years! Marketers across the world are in a constant tussle to create trends and be disruptive. ‘What’s next’ is always ‘the next’ question.

However, that question has led us to the answer that – it is not as much about the content anymore as much as it is about its promotion. Today, to be able to spread the word, we should be able to create content that connects. Content that would help you build a community.

The process had begun with broadcasting information, interactive communication and now it is the time of ‘influencer marketing’.

So, in today’s content world, if you want to stand out and be original, it is a combination of the rules we have always been hearing.

“Content is the king” “Consumer is the King”

Your task as a marketer is today is to get both of the kings to serve each other 😊

Took some time to digest that? Well it is the time of equal rights and roles in every relationship and so is it in the world of content. Your content should be engaging enough for your consumer to be taking it to other consumers in an engaging manner.

We have content in every format you can think of and we are in a time that gratefully allows the creation of world-class content at zero expense, if you have the eye for it. There is significant progress or evolution in each type of the content out there – be it a Design, Blog, Infographic, Video, Prezi or Podcast. And there is constant research on the very ‘types of content’ so, while that continues, our focus should be on the research on ‘promoting techniques’ of such content.

While the digital landscape has given the opportunity to innovate new and different forms of content by the day, the true benefits of having a social media possibility of connecting with the world can be attained only by knowing well to navigate through it.

In short, it is the time for Marketers to marry the old concepts with the new context.

1.     Context – Understand your audience. Study their presence, preference and platforms

2.     Content – Quality and Volume

3.     Community – Connect with your audience. Use stories that they can relate to, and get them to tell your story through their own narrative

The digital marketing maze is getting complicated by the day. Likes and shares are being called ‘vanity metrics’ Twitter is contemplating to do away with them to foster ‘unbiased’ conversations. What we are left with is the variety of content we create and the connections we are able to establish through it.

So, let’s enthrone those kings we were talking about and let’s get them serving each other! 

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