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Poland – Isaac Bashevis Singer – Shosha

This book has two notes upfront. 1. It is not about the lives of Jews in Poland during the times of holocaust. 2. It is an unusual love story. 
I may have read it wrong – but all I could read was about the lives of people dreading the war to knock on their doors, not knowing if they should dance the days they have to themselves, flee from their places or wait warily for the Nazis. It indeed is an unusual love story..but all I could read was the unconditional, free-spirited love of Shosha for Tutsik. He may have loved as much..but in the rush of visiting memories and peering into a future, I wonder if he held her in his arms as much he did in his dreams..for “love isn’t love until you give it away”. But – unusual – it sure is!


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