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Nigeria – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – Half of a Yellow Sun

In love with the author. The book talks about the ‘Nigeria-Biafra War’ of 1967-1970. Her statement to history “may we always remember”; her note of gratitude her mom that read ‘what matters is not what they went through, bu that they survived” – spoke to me of the poetry in her language and the richness in her narratives as a story teller. 
The ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ is a glimpse into the days of the lives of a few who survived, succumbed, were a victim of the Nigerian-Biafra war. ‘Half of a yellow sun’ was the Biafran flag. The starvation, death, helplessness and the surrender is told through the lens of the multiple characters in the book. 
“you’re burning memory” – he told her. “i am not” She would not place her memory on things that strangers could barge in and take away. “My memory is inside me.” – one of the many many lines in there that made me linger to the book longer than i needed to.


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