Having grown up with practically no women around, I was constantly in the middle of ‘his’ stories. As a history buff, many books I came across, revealed that history for some reason is a compilation of ‘his’ stories. You can debate, you can point out exceptions, you can come up with a list. That wouldn’t suffice to prove that the majority of the written, printed words out there about the past are about men, their valor, their grit and courage, their heartbreaks, their cruelties, their sexual exploits, their genocides, their suicides and what not! I wonder what the women were doing all along :).

The religions I’m familiar with, the scriptures that I have any idea of, are explicitly mostly about a man’s/men’s journey. You can have instances, a couple of stories – but not the mainstream narrative.

It isn’t just me who started wondering. People have searched, scrambled, and come up with all those women who have made an indelible mark in the pages of any country’s story, any mythology or scripture.

While I leave the important to the important, I’m here to just record and applaud the women around me. The ones who have gone beyond what I, within my limits of could strive for. The ones that inspire me and touch the lives of other women around them .

A small bridge between the ‘she’roes who rightly find their place along with the heroes our generations have accepted- and the modern woman who stands up for her right and finds a platform in all walks of life. This space is for the smiling memories of women who have walked a slightly rocky path, who have bled and shed tears and have embraced all of it as life’s loveliest gifts. Stay Tuned!

Shero Tales

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Trek Tales

Hill walking or Trekking is a lovely outdoor pursuit in Ireland.